AKASHI PRINTING CORPORATIONNeoprene wetsuit decal printing, knee pad decals, polyurethane sheets

1162-1 Kanagasaki
Akashi City, Hyogo
674-0071 JAPAN
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Would you like a sample of one of our products? Please send an email to sales@akashiprinting.com. This is the fastest way to expedite your sample request. 

TO: sales@akashiprinting.com
SUBJECT: Sample Request - your company

Please include the following information:

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  • Company name
  • Website address
  • Contact name
  • Email address
  • Phone number with international dialing code
  • Fax number
  • Mailing address exactly as it should appear on the package
  • Any special instructions or comments

All samples are sent via EMS from Japan. Delivery times are subject to international shipping controls. We will pay for shipping from Japan but cannot be responsible for customs or taxes  when the sample arrives in your country.
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